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Bariatric Sleeve Post-Surgery Success:

How “Suki the Sleeve” Changed My Life

"Hi there! I’m Sonya, the coordinator here at Bariatric Surgery Advisors. I just wanted to share how weight loss surgery changed my life, and how I can help you change yours.

The real reason I’m here talking to you is because of my good friend, “Suki,” my bariatric sleeve. My experience losing weight and gaining Suki is exactly why I chose to become the coordinator at this wonderful company.

In Japanese, Suki means “loved one.” And my sleeve really is my beloved friend. She helped me get a handle on my out-of-control eating habits. All my life I couldn’t get off the same weight loss roller coaster I know all of you have been riding. The scale plummets, only to escalate again faster than you can say “Twinkies.” Often you end up weighing more than you did at the beginning of your weight loss goal. Yep, I ended up losing the same 50 pounds about 10 times. And, just like you, I was sick of it!

After witnessing my coworker’s success with a procedure known as a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, I knew it could be my ticket to happiness and health.

At a seminar I attended, I met many people who had overcome obesity and associated diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, sleep apnea, and psychosocial effects—all because of the sleeve procedure. I was amazed! They were able to once again do little things you completely take for granted, like tying their shoes without getting out of breath, or going to an amusement park and actually riding the rides.

I was sure that the vertical sleeve could save me, and I was right. More than 10 months after Suki and I were introduced on September 9th, 2013, I’ve gone from 255 to 152 pounds, and no longer suffer from the endless aches and pains, headaches, and health issues I’d had before. Today I look and feel like a new woman.

As the coordinator at Bariatric Surgery Advisors, my role is to set you up for the same kind of success I experienced. After an initial intake and clearance with our medical partners in Mexico, I will personally start you on a two-week pre-op diet, answer your questions, and offer support. Following the surgery, I’ll give you a post-op care plan, including clear instructions on what to eat, what to drink, and how to start taking steps to make a safe and lasting transition into a brand new you.

This journey won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding. Bariatric Surgery Advisors and I invite you to change your life today.

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Success Stories

Never again let cost stand in the way of getting the life you deserve. Since many of us at Bariatric Surgery Advisors are real-life weight loss surgery success stories, we are passionate about connecting you with the best and most cost-effective surgeons available.


Now is YOUR Time!

Weight loss surgery offers many benefits. Some of those include:

  • Accelerated, significant weight loss – up to 25 or 35 pounds in the first month is typical

  • Immediate reduction in Type 2 diabetes

  • Possible decrease in medications and obesity-related health problems

  • Improved energy and self-esteem

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