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The StomaphyX is a pioneer procedure that is performed in an endoscopic procedure, without incisions and minimal recovery time that reduces the volume of the stomach. StomaphyX is inserted through the mouth, and it allows gastric reduction.

How it works and how is it done? StomaphyX procedure is non-invasive. During an endoscopic procedure, the surgeon evacuates the tissue of the stomach into a small opening. This allows a fold of tissue that is secured with fasteners in the shape of an "H". These small folds eventually create a smaller gastric pouch about the same size as the created during the gastric bypass. The number of folds needed depends on the size of the stomach. There are no incisions necessary for this procedure, since it goes directly to the mouth.


  • This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on how big or small stomach pouch and the amount of correction needed.
  • The result of this surgery allows the stomach empty more slowly which will make you feel fuller faster, which will help in the process of weight loss to continue from where you left off.
  • Procedure that serves to prevent kickback of the weight gain after bariatric surgery.
  • Minimum recovery time.
  • Reduction of the volume of the stomach

After gastric bypass surgery, around 17% of patients begin to regain weight within five years. This is mainly due to the pouch of the stomach that was created during the surgery that begins to stretch once the patient's body begins to adapt to the changes. The stomach begins to empty faster and satiety of the patient once he had already there is therefore leads the patient to keep eating until either feels full or become ill. Since this battle can be extremely frustrating because of all the hard work that you will lose weight after gastric bypass surgery, a second surgery more invasive was made available to counter the effects of the stomach and the stomach stretch. Now, the same results than surgery second invasive can be made with more methods non-invasive that help patients return to the track to healthy weight loss return to shrink the stomach.
The StomaphyX is used to prevent kickback of weight gain after bariatric surgery.

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Weight loss surgery offers many benefits. Some of those include:

  • Accelerated, significant weight loss – up to 25 or 35 pounds in the first month is typical

  • Immediate reduction in Type 2 diabetes

  • Possible decrease in medications and obesity-related health problems

  • Improved energy and self-esteem

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