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Effective & Affordable Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Weight loss surgery is not what it used to be! Over the last 10 years, bariatric / obesity surgery has come a long way, progressing into a variety of safe, effective, and minimally invasive procedures opted for by many doctors and patients. This has been enabled by the incredible technology of laparoscopic surgery, which allows surgery through small keyhole incisions allowing for faster, more pain-free recovery. As weight loss procedures progress in sophistication and effectiveness, more and more patients are finding permanent weight loss relief, increased well-being, and better enjoyment of life.

Services Offered at Bariatric Surgery Advisors

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Our specialist has been performing weight management surgeries for years, and we have continued to seek out the most cutting-edge, safe, and effective methods of weight loss. Our team has a reputation for excellence and lasting results built on the satisfaction of hundreds of patients. Bariatric surgery is a constantly-evolving field, with new innovations constantly developing. Many of those innovations have been the result of the kind of surgeries we offer at Bariatric Surgery Advisors. We offer state-of-the-art weight loss surgery with powerful and safe outcomes, so turn to us for results you can depend on.

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Our Cancun and Tijuana bariatric surgery experts can connect you to surgery options that are extremely affordable without sacrificing safety. Our top priority is patient service, and we work hard to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors receives the attention and care he or she deserves throughout the process. Many of our staff members have had their own weight loss surgery success stories. We've been in your shoes, and we can help you navigate the decisions ahead.

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Success Stories

Never again let cost stand in the way of getting the life you deserve. Since many of us at Bariatric Surgery Advisors are real-life weight loss surgery success stories, we are passionate about connecting you with the best and most cost-effective surgeons available.


Now is YOUR Time!

Weight loss surgery offers many benefits. Some of those include:

  • Accelerated, significant weight loss – up to 25 or 35 pounds in the first month is typical

  • Immediate reduction in Type 2 diabetes

  • Possible decrease in medications and obesity-related health problems

  • Improved energy and self-esteem

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