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You’re sick of riding the weight loss rollercoaster. Diabetes, sleep apnea, and cardiovascular disease are just a few of the many disorders that threaten you. We can help.

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After receiving the bariatric sleeve, Sonya was able to lose over 100 pounds and keep it off!


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Never again let cost stand in the way of getting the life you deserve. Since many of us at Bariatric Surgery Advisors are real-life weight loss surgery success stories, we are passionate about connecting you with the best and most cost-effective surgeons available.



Dr. Jorge Trevino

Had a formal US fellowship training in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at the Texas Endo-surgery Institute in San Antonio, Texas, under the tutelage of Dr. Morris E. Franklin, a pioneer in laparoscopic approach to the abdominal cavity with special emphasis on disease of the colon, as well as extensive training in all types of laparoscopic surgery, including obesity surgery.

Combined training in endoscopic surgery, NOTES and robotic surgery in the IRCAD in Strasbourg, France.

Obesity Surgery Specialty: Texas Endo- surgery Institute, San Antonio, Texas and partnership with Grand Health Partners, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He is certified for placement of BIB intragastric balloon, and gastric band lapband by Allergan.

He is member of the most prestigious associations in US, including The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), American society for metabolic and bariatric surgery (ASBMS) and the International federation for the surgery in obesity(IFSO).

Affordable Weight Loss Surgery at Bariatric Surgery Advisors

You’re sick of riding the weight loss rollercoaster. You know how it goes: every fad diet under the sun, countless gym routines, and even pharmaceuticals. You lose the weight, only to gain all or even more of it right back. It’s enough to make you sick, and it probably is.

Beyond always feeling uncomfortable and not being able to wear the clothes you like, health problems associated with obesity linger in the shadows.

Diabetes, sleep apnea, and cardiovascular disease are just a few of the many disorders that threaten you.

Weight Loss Surgery is More Feasible Than You Think!

But what if we told you affordable weight loss surgery was an attainable option, and that real, permanent weight loss could be yours for the taking? Would you take the next step? When you put the future of your health and happiness in our hands, Bariatric Surgery Advisory connect you with weight loss surgery options that are effective, safe, and completely affordable.

In beautiful and entertaining Cancun, Mexico, our surgeons have over 6 years experience in bariatric and laparoscopic surgery and have performed over 3,000 procedures.

We will meet or beat any advertised price in the United States! Financing is also available!

Now is YOUR Time!

Weight loss surgery offers many benefits. Some of those include:

  • Accelerated, significant weight loss – up to 25 or 35 pounds in the first month is typical

  • Immediate reduction in Type 2 diabetes

  • Possible decrease in medications and obesity-related health problems

  • Improved energy and self-esteem

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